Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Every step counts!

I train clients of all shapes, sizes, and age. They are all on different levels, but share a commonality: they all strive for better health. I plan out different regimens for each individual. No matter who they are, I always tell my client that every step counts.

You do not have to be a fitness fanatic like myself to be in good health. You would be surprised though, how adding some steps will make a big difference. What I mean by this is to implement more walking in your daily life.

Some examples would be to park in the far lot when shopping, using the stairs instead of elevators, or to find local stores that you can walk to. I've lived in Hancock Park now for three years. When I decide to live in this area, I found a dry cleaner, rite aid, bank, yoga studio, and many other vendors that I use, that were nearby, so I could walk instead of drive.

These examples may not be strenuous, but if you implement them, you will start feeling and quite possibly seeing a difference. It will also give you momentum to add more exercise into your life.

Today google shops in your area and vow to yourself that you will start walking instead of driving. Remember, every step counts.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape and size you are, always love yourself!!!


As soon as you wake up put on your gym clothes. If you have your gym clothes on, it is more likely you will make it to the gym or start exercising.

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