Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do things you enjoy

The week has come, and basically, gone. I was extremely busy this week, that's a good thing for me. When I have to much time on my hands is when I get off track. Throughout the week I am constantly scanning the Internet, television, and magazines for articles related to health and fitness, and even on success. While I was taking an online "test", one of the questions asked, "What in your life do you enjoy"?

I wanted to ask all of you that question. I know myself really well, and I know what my passions are, what I like to do, but do you? It really makes a big difference when you relate it to your health and fitness regimen.

If you are finding it difficult to, as an example, let's say, get to your kickboxing class.......then maybe you should dig deep in your heart and soul and find out if you enjoy it. Another class like ballet, or pilates, might be better suited for you. Do you not like going into the gym? Well, then maybe you should join a cyclist, or running club to get you outside and moving. Whatever type of health and fitness regimen you choose, please take ten minutes to really ask yourself if you like doing it, if it doesn't excite you, then try something new.

*********Now, be honest with yourself, I know exercising is hard for all of us, sometimes I don't like to get to the gym........but I don't interpret this blog to not exercise or train your body, just do a form of training that you enjoy, and that will push you.**************************************************************

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape and size you are, always love yourself!!!


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