Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stop the bad cycle

This month's Shape magazine cover star is Kelly Osbourne. I feel compelled to blog about her because she has overcome hurdles and is looking, and feeling, fabulous. What I liked best about this article is that she stated she was a fat girl, or called chubby, her whole she's on the cover of one of the best fitness magazines, quite an accomplishment.

Kelly has gone to rehab a few times for drug abuse. She is now sober and thinking clear. Even as a drug addict she was heavy. She blames being overweight on emotional eating. She felt so bad about herself, or when things went wrong, she went for food. She has finally found a cure, and stopped that bad cycle.

Emotional eating affects so many of us. I am not an emotional eater, however, I am an emotional person, I battle with depression, and I have learned and accepted it. I have tremendous highs......and lows. I now know when the depression bug is coming, and I have learned to break the cycle. Tuesday evening I felt it coming on, so I immediately called a friend and went out to dinner and a movie. When I'm feeling down my rule is that I get out of my apartment and be around happy, positive, friends.

If you have a problem with emotional eating (please don't feel bad admitting this, most of us do), recognize and accept it. Make a plan to deal with it, and stop your cycle. Write your plan of attack down,the next time it's coming on and your going for the fridge, look at that piece of paper and do what you promised yourself.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape and size you are, always love yourself!!!!


When you are performing ab work remember to breathe. This is so important!!!!!! When you tighten your muscles by vacuuming out your air, it makes the exercise extremely more effective.