Monday, October 17, 2011


While I was watching Sunday football yesterday, I started thinking about discipline. I have a true respect for professional athletes. To become a pro, in any sport, takes a lifetime of discipline. It's pretty amazing to this fitness fanatic.

I am EXTREMELY disciplined with my fitness regimen. I schedule my whole week in advance. I know exactly when and what I am training. Now, I get it, most people aren't extreme, like myself. However, once you start and become disciplined at actually training your body, the discipline grows.

It's Monday, please, I beg you, I plead with you, take 5 minutes and schedule your fitness regimen. I'm serious, write it down and schedule it, become disciplined in training your body. At the very least, schedule 3 sessions of exercise. Anyone can make time for 3 sessions.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape and size you are, always love yourself!!!


While you are exercising turn off your freakin cell phone, it is a distraction that will break your focus. Enjoy the time away from technology, and you will have a stronger workout.

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