Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't get stuck

In the last two weeks there have been multiple acting jobs that I have come in as runner up. You know, so close, but no cigar. It's gotten me a bit down, and most of all, the feeling of being stuck.

A really good friend of mine, who is not in the entertainment industry, helped me turn those feelings around. She told me that even though I didn't get the parts, that coming that close, multiple times, is a big accomplishment. She made me think and see things differently. Her perspective helped me not be so stuck.

If you feel like you are feeling stuck with your fitness goal, make some time and be honest with a good friend. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to help get you moving again. It sure did for me.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape and size you are, always love yourself!!!


IF you can't get your recommended daily servings of vegetables from your food, go to a health food store and buy powdered greens to add to your shake or drink. It's not as beneficial as actual vegetables, but does aid in nutritional intake.

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