Friday, September 10, 2010

Basic nutrition

Wow, I just walked in from training and my arms are shaking. Lately I've felt like my arms have plateaued, so I changed things up, and went up on weights. I'm very excited to feel the soreness tomorrow.

I get many questions and emails regarding my diet and nutrition, so I thought that's what I'd focus on. Today I'm just going to give you the bare basics, and I will try to go into more detail in future blogs. Most people think all they have to do is train....boy are they wrong. Nutrition plays a vital role in sculpting the figure you desire.

The general rule is:

50-70% of your daily intake should be carbohydrates (body's main source for energy)
10-30% of your daily intake protein
10-30% of your daily intake fats

Now, depending on your goals is where you tweak the numbers. An example would be if you were trying to shed weight, then your fat would be closer to the 10% range. You don't have to be a fanatic like myself, just use your own gauge throughout the day. Try and think about food in a different way. When I consume food and nutrients I sit and think about how it will help protect, feed, and strengthen my body. I am also always thankful for my food (sounds cheesy but it's true)......there are many starving people in this world and I do not take for granted that food is always available to me.

Another very simple, easy, and effective tip is to look down at your plate. Fruits and veggies are essential in your daily diet. Before you eat a meal look down at your plate and make sure it is filled with color. Colorful fruits and veggies have the most nutrients in them. You should see bright green and red to name a few. If your plate has no color then get up and add some.

I also want to stress that I do indulge in one bad meal a week. I love love love Mexican food and pizza, I don't deprive myself of these foods. I know that somewhere in my week I will have my "fix", and this is enough to keep me from binge eating. It's my way of rewarding myself for something I've done or accomplished throughout the week.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


If you want to reduce calories, buy flavored coffee and drink it black. Recently I purchased Tully's hazelnut coffee from Ralph's and it's pretty yummy. You honestly don't need creamer or sugar. I read an article stating that most American's injest to much sugar, this is a simple way to cut back.