Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make sure to see your Dr.

Yesterday was my annual physical so I thought I would touch base on the subject. It's not the funnest thing to do, but it is absolutely necessary to keep up your health. For the first time I was excited to see my Dr., she's one of the Dr.'s on the TV show, The Doctors, and won a daytime Emmy this year. It was nice to see her and congratulate her in person, she's pretty fabulous!

I write this in regards to fitness because if you are not healthy, then you won't feel 100%, and therefore it will affect your workouts and could even be the reason why you can't seem to make it to they gym. Energy is key to training, and when you are ill your energy level goes down.

I am an extremest when it comes to my health, I pay a lot of money every month for good insurance, and I have a team of doctors whom know me well. Yes, it's a bit much for some people, but you have to remember that I am an actress, my body is my tool, it's my job to keep it healthy. You don't need a team, but find a general physician that you trust.

Please, please, please, if you haven't had your annual physical in over a year find a doctor and schedule an appointment immediatly. Cancer can strike any person at any age and the strongest way to beat it is with early detection. If you are like many Americans and can't afford insurance, call around, many physicians offer discount rates for a basic physical.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


An easy way to remember to schedule your annual physical is to do it on your birthday. You won't be able to forget.