Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My new toy

I just had a fantastic day training. I'm really trying to gain muscle mass in my arms, today, boy did I push myself. If you can afford a vacation, I HIGHLY recommend it. Since my return from the Dominican Republic, I have been bursting with energy. I re-charged my battery so to speak.

Yesterday a long awaited package came. I was so excited to see the federal express woman, you would have thought a pair of designer heels were at my door. What came was my fabulous digital body fat tester. I wanted a specific model, it has been on back order, and it FINALLY arrived.

It is absolutely essential to monitor your progress. Keeping a body fat percentage is a very easy way to do so. Most women don't like this idea, but I swear, when the # goes down because of the hard work and dedication you have done, it feels AMAZING!!!!! It's good to track your progress, so you can reward yourself, and it empowers you to keep up with your regimen.

If you are uncomfortable with this situation, then measure your progress simply by how your clothes are fitting. THROW OUT YOUR SCALE!!!!! I am not a fan of scales, I think they are inaccurate and create bad obsessions. Muscle weighs more than fat, if you are strength training, then you will loose inches but gain pounds. The only time I get weighed is at the Dr.'s office.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


Just 10 minutes of exercise can boost your metabolism for an entire hour. Wake up ten minutes earlier (or more), exercise, and start your day right!!!!!