Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get started today

Today my house guest departed, so I've been really busy playing catch up. I had an amazing workout and then spent over two hours listening to my main man, Tony Robbins, while cleaning my apartment. I'm the type of person that needs things in order, so I multi-tasked, and I feel really good.

I own almost all of Tony's programs. Today I re-visited "Get The Edge". It's a wonderful program that has helped me reach some of my goals, look at life differently, and like the way I feel. Today I realized how hard it is for people to start to make a change in their lives in regards to fitness, and I am determined to help.

First, I want to congratulate you. If you are reading this, that is the first step, which is wonderful. It means you really want get in a healthier state. You have taken the time to read what I have to say, which is a form of positive action. Now I am going to challenge you. Please do what I ask.

Within 24 hours will you please take some time out of your day and exercise for at least 30 minutes. If you are starting out, then even a brisk walk will do. If you aren't starting out, I would like you to push yourself in a way that you have not yet done. Whether that means adding ten pounds to your strength training, increasing your speed on your cardio machine, or taking a class that you have been afraid to take. Do something!

I think back to the many people who told me I should be a certified personal trainer. I made so many excuses: It's to expensive, I don't have the time, it will take away from my acting......blah blah blah. Even while I was in the program I got scared and wanted to quit, there was so much information that overwhelmed me......but I didn't, I pushed through and achieved a difficult goal. I hate that I waited this long to do it. Don't be like me and start today, please I beg you.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


Instead of fat-free salad dressing have vinaigrette made with olive oil and vinegar. Your nonfat ranch may have fewer calories than the original, but many fat-free dressings contain a big amount of sugar, something most people already get to much of. Plus, the fats in an olive oil vinaigrette are healthy ones that your body needs.