Saturday, July 31, 2010

TRX the sequel

It is a beautiful day in LA. I just went out to run errands and it struck me that we are in summer. I have yet to go on a vacation, that is next on my agenda. This morning I played on my fitness pole I had installed in my apartment, and I loved it. My body is adjusting to the pole again, and I'm recalling all of the tricks and moves I learned in class. It takes an extreme amount of strength for the inverts, but it is so much fun!!!

Yesterday I trained for the second time with the fabulous TRX. The man who is training me on how to use it taught me new moves, it was a really difficult workout. The reason why I am supper impressed by the TRX is because it looks so simple. It's just a pair of suspension bands........but you can perform so many different moves with it...........and they are all hard. As I stated in one of my blogs this week, there are moves that I perform with balls, but being suspended you use different muscles, which makes the moves more difficult.

The TRX was made my a navy seal and is under $200, which I think is reasonable for all it can do. This is a piece of equipment that I plan on purchasing and will now incorporate it into my weekly fitness regimen. It has blown me away. You can even look it up on youtube if your searching for new moves, or need demonstrations. Many gyms are also offering TRX fitness classes, go and check one out!

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


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