Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let go of your past

This morning my friend made me a meal replacement protein shake. He is another fanatic so I trusted him regarding the ingredients. When I got back to my home I went to the gym and I had so much energy. It's crazy that a liquid shake can do that, I know he blended protein and other nutrients, whatever was in that delicious concoction, it sure did it's job. I went hardcore training my legs.

Within the last six months I've made major life changes. I realized I wasn't living life to it's full potential. I did a lot of self digging and I finally let go of my past. Isn't it crazy how we hold on to things that happened years ago? There is a saying, "don't let the past dictate your future",this is also true in attaining your fitness goals.

Whatever mistakes you have made that lead you down the wrong path, please let them go. Don't think of what you couldn't or didn't do yesterday, a year, or even longer. Don't obsess over the weight you've put on in the past years, or what you have been eating. Start the day off new, this is your life, live it to it's healthy potential. At the end of the day you will rest assure that you made the most of it, and will be excited for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


If your getting a little sick of salmon, cook leaner fillets, like cod, in sunflower oil. It's another way to get your omega-3's. Doing so ups the amount of heart-healthy fats in the dish.