Friday, June 25, 2010

My fabulous pole!

It's Friday, this week has flown past me. I woke up very well rested this morning, I love that, ya know, when your sleep is really deep.....the last couple of nights have been like that. Remember, get your sleep!!!!! Sleeping plays a vital role in your health. Six hours minimum, I prefer eight.

Today I trained my arms, every week I get excited about the strength I am gaining. I'm particularly happy today because my stripper pole for fitness is being installed. I can't wait!!! I feel like a child waiting to open her Christmas gifts. I have had this pole sitting in the package for almost a month now, a friend of mine has been promising me that he would come over to install it.........I got sick of waiting and hired someone. If you want something done, and your single, you have to do it yourself...........or in my case, hire someone. That's probably the most difficult part about being a single gal in this town with no family, but I make do, and when I do find that special man I'll appreciate him that much more.

I can't explain what a great workout pole dancing is. I'm on the advanced level, I can do acrobats and tricks that require a lot of strength. Now that I have my own pole I plan on entering competitions. It is a really fun sport that is also challenging. I encourage women of all shapes and sizes to try it. Have a safe, healthy weekend!

Thank you for reading, and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


Calorie-packed foods can now be found in furniture stores, pharmacies, clothing shops, etc. If you plan on running errands and know your going to be out for awhile, grab a healthy snack to take along so you don't get tempted.