Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Push Yourself

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day, thank you to anyone who has served to help protect our country! I had such a wonderful weekend, spent time with friends that mean a lot to me. My favorite part of this weekend was Sunday with Christine. My allergies were bothering me, so instead of hiking hills we took a really long walk around a few parks and had the greatest time.

So, today let's touch base on pushing yourself to another level. Yesterday I performed my hardcore treadmill routine. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger, but man, when I raise the incline and make myself run uphill it's really hard. That's when I have to really push myself to keep going and not give up.

I'm one of those people when I'm in the gym I talk to myself, yes, it looks wierd, but I need to. You can do this in your head. Right when I'm about to give up I tell myself "no, I can do this......30 more seconds, 3 more repetitions, don't give up Michelle, I can do this". Then, when I do, it feels fabulous.

Today when you are at the end of your workout, and just about to quit or give up, push yourself. Tell yourself you can do it. If you do this everytime your in the gym, in a month you'll be surprised how far you've gone. I believe your worth it, I know you can do it, so just start!

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


Go outside and walk instead of sitting on your couch after that plate of pasta. Research shows that a 15 minute stroll after a carb-heavy meal can prevent spikes in your blood sugar level, lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Do this with a loved one to make it even more enjoyable!