Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get Your Sweat On

I had an appointment early this morning and ran into a neighbor in the elevator. He was heading to the dry sauna which inspired me to get my sweat on. Today's work out was hardcore cardio, I cycled 13.62 miles, a little longer than last week. Before I hurt my ankle I was up to 22 miles, so I'm happy to be back on track.

After my long ride I headed for the sauna. I love the dry sauna. It feels so good to just let your pores open and sweat, sweat, sweat. When I'm in the sauna I like to meditate and visualize, which goes hand and hand with the heat and relaxes me. Now I'm ready to plan out next week and enjoy the evening. A little tip for women: if you use the dry sauna wrap your hair tightly in a towel to avoid heat damage.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are always love yourself!!!


When you sweat heavily you need to rehydrate your body. A natural way to rehydrate is by drinking coconut water (not milk). It tastes sweet and is full of potassium. My favorite brand is ONE, it's so yummy!