Saturday, March 27, 2010

Take a few days off

I just walked in from the gym and let me tell you my legs are freakin killing me. I worked them out pretty hard today and incorporated a new exercise. My ankle is almost 100%, I've been patiently awaiting this exercise so I'm happy I was able to perform it.

Yesterday was my day off, I want to let you all know how absolutely necessary it is to take a few days off. I actually have a problem with this rule, but I'm working on it. My hero, Jillian Michaels, suggests two days off. If your a beginner you should start with taking 3 or even 4 days off. I usually only take 1 full day off, and if so, try to have an easy day in the week.

Taking a few days off is necessary for muscle recovery. If you don't let your muscles recover you are taking the risk of serious injury, and possible fatigue. Also, it's been known to burn people out and make them quit all together. As a fitness fanatic this is hard for me, but even I take a day or two off depending on my schedule.

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are always love yourself!!!


To stop binge eating keep healthy snacks on you at all times. One of my favorites is unsalted almonds. Trader Joe's sells them pre-packed, (Just a Handful of Raw Almonds), 13 packages come in a bag for about $6. I keep a bag in my car, gym bag, work bag, everywhere!!!