Sunday, March 14, 2010

start losing weight now

Today was my date with Cathe Friedrich. It's a full body workout day. When I say date I meant in my home, I record her program. I'm a huge fan of Fit TV (station 261in LA), it's through Direct TV and this station seriously has wonderful programs that you can do in the privacy of your own home. I was sluggish today and was going to skip it, boy am I glad I didn't because it gave me a ton of energy that will get me through my day.

I've gotten a ton of messages from people asking me about how to loose weight, here our my thoughts on that. First off you need to make the decision and commitment that you are going to start doing this now and take action. Set yourself a goal and really commit to it. I have no problem with fitness goals but with other life goals what I do is find an accountability partner. That is someone I trust who will stay on me, check in and make sure I'm doing what I say. It helps me tremendously.

Once you've made the decision here is my simplest plan to get you started. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. I know everyone claims that there isn't enough time in the day but really 30 minutes 3 times a week isn't that this for yourself!!!!! Also, a huge part of losing weight is your diet. When I refer to diet I mean the food and supplements you put in your body....not a specific diet plan, Atkins for example. I don't believe in those diets if you want to keep the weight off for good. Those 3 days of cardio try and eat healthy. Lean protein, fruits and vegetables, natural foods that don't contain preservatives and NO DESERTS. I very rarely eat desert, I know it sounds crazy but it's true, only on special occasions, I just have gotten use to it and now honestly don't crave it. Also eat 5 small meals throughout the day. This is huge, it keeps your metabolism up. When you eat you should NEVER I mean NEVER stuff yourself and feel full. Don't get me wrong eat enough but don't go overboard. This plan is very simple and hopefully easy to start off with. In a few weeks you will start seeing results and have more energy.

Thank you for reading and whatever shape or size you are always love yourself!!!


First thing in the morning drink green tea. It is a proven fact that it raises your metabolism, also if you ad a splash of lemon juice your body absorbs it better. My favorite is Yerba Mate Green Tea, it's a speciality tea you can only find in health food stores, I LOVE IT!!!!! Any green tea will do though.