Saturday, April 17, 2010

Always love yourself

Today has been incredibly beautiful in LA. The weather here is truly amazing. At the gym I trained my butt. One of my exercises I squat and then jump up, I do 24 reps, and 2 sets. Well, I added five pound weights today and I was burning. I had a really good day at the gym.

This week was extremely stressful for me. Many people whom I love were hurting and needed me. Giving back and loving someone is the greatest feeling in the world, I was there for my friends and family, and still maintained to get all of my daily activities done.

I was feeling rather run down this morning, so I dedicated today for me, my beauty day. I went and got a pedicure, gave myself a facial, (mask, exfoliate, tone, moisture), deep conditioned my hair, did my eyebrows, and took a long hot bath listening to piano music while my favorite candle smelled up the room. I feel as though I have snapped myself back into place. I will next go study and then bartend at night.

We live in a hectic, demanding world. Please remember to make time for yourself. Love your body and treat it well. I hope your weekend is beautiful!

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


Pile your plate with healthy veggies. Your vegetable dish should consist of half your plate, or half the food in your meal. Let your healthy veggies fill you up!