Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Shoes

I hope everyone got this years taxes completed. I finished mine about an hour about that for procrastination. It's all complete though, so I won't be having problems with the government. While I was waiting in the lobby I read a great article on shoes which has lead me to today's topic.

A very nice and generous friend of mine recently picked me up a pair of Nike's. These shoes are freaking fabulous! They are the one's that you plug into your ipod and it tracks your steps. What a great idea. I love these shoes!!!

Being a fitness fanatic I have many different shoes for my workouts. I have some for hiking, running, cross-training, etc. I'm really hard on my feet and do it all, so I need a bunch of different styles to get the maximum results, as well as protect my body from injury.

Most people can get by with one simple pair. I like asics gels for my everyday routines. You can usually find them at any shoe store and they are relatively a decent price. You should change out your shoes somewhere between 250-500 miles in distance. That's relatively 3-6 months. I swear you will feel it and thank me for reminding you to do this. Please PROTECT YOUR FEET!!!!! Well, it's late and I've had a busy day, although I'm a little tired and I usually don't wait to get to the gym this late, I'm outta here.....time to work my back and shoulders, have a great day!!!!

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!

Write the day you bought your shoes with a permanent marker on the inside tongue of your shoe. If you forget when you bought them all you have to do is look and you'll realize right away if it's about time for a new pair