Saturday, April 10, 2010


I worked my legs today and it was hard, my body hurts, almost took the day off but decided not to. Yesterday evening I went hiking with Christine and Nanci. I was a little tired from my crazy morning routine, but I wanted to spend time with my ladies. I can't tell you what that hike did for me. I witnessed a miracle.

At the top of Runyon canyon there are benches where people stop to rest and look over our city, Los Angeles. On clear days west you can see the ocean and east you can see mountain tops which at the moment still have snow caps on top of them. The three of us reached the top and were having a really good talk when all of a sudden right in front of our eyes was a bird suspended in mid air. This might not sound as dramatic to you but EVERYONE was talking about it. I felt like I was in a crazy movie. The bird just stayed mid air......for a long time. To me, that was a miracle.

I haven't ran since I fractured my ankle in early December and after seeing my miracle I finished my hike running. I don't know, I felt powerful, like I could accomplish anything. Miracles are what you make of them and are everywhere, find a miracle and have a beautiful day!!!

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


This is a no brainer but has to be said. When out in the sun wear a hat and sunblock. The sun is so harmful to your skin and can cause cancer, stay out of it as much as possible. If you want a healthy glow, I suggest Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer. It's under $10 in most drugstores and won't give you wrinkles or cancer.