Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I just have to state once again how much I truly love and appreciate my yoga instructor at Exhale, Joe Tatsula. I've had a lot of stuff in my head and yesterday I was just not myself. After my yoga practice I felt so put back together. It's like Joe knew something was going on, she worked on me personally. Having her touch and talk to me made me feel so much better. She's amazing!!!

So let's talk posture. Today while I was training my legs I paid special attention to my posture. I've always watched my posture but I realized doing a leg extension that my weight was to heavy, there was an arch in my back. So, I lowered the weight, which I didn't like doing, however, it's pointless to not execute an exercise correctly. It's like your doing it for nothing, not to mention you have a high risk of injury.

If you feel as though your posture is suffering please lower your weight and do more repetitions. Within no time you will gain the muscle you need to move up in weight. Enjoy your day!!!

Thank you for reading and no matter what shape or size you are, always love yourself!!!


Watch yourself in the mirror. Gyms have mirrors in them not because of vanity, because of postural reasons. Look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you are in proper alignment. If you are in your home then buy a door length mirror (they are usually under $10). It is so important to watch yourself, and if you are unsure regarding a posture ask an employee of your gym. That's what they are there for and why you pay a membership.